Missing Menu Bar


So, I know this is a setting someplace that I’ve turned on - but I can’t find WHERE I turned the sucker on & now it’s driving me crazy.

My menu bar has disappeared.

If I go into Full Screen Mode, I can access the menu bar by rolling my mouse to the top edge of the screen - but as soon as I move my mouse away it disappears. I can’t get to it at all without full screen mode. And either way, I can’t seem to open up the Preferences window (when I go into Full Screen & choose Preferences from the menu, nothing seems to happen).

How can I get my menu bar back all the time?

Thanks in advance for helping with this dumb question. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Okay, actually it had something to do with Spaces (I hate Spaces). When I turned off all the Spaces/Desktop-related options in Mission Control, my menus re-appeared AND I can get to the Preferences.

I hate Spaces.

What version of Scrivener do you have, and with which version of OS X?

I ask because Lion forced us to make some changes in Full Screen (now Composition) mode. So if you have an older version of Scrivener, that might be causing some strangeness above and beyond any problems with Spaces.