Missing overwrite mode marker

This is not quite a bug, but I really miss something that shows when overwrite mode is enabled. Sometimes with my big and goofy fingers it happens to me to press INS key by mistake; then I see my typing eating what I wrote earlier. In other programs like LibreOffice a marker appears in the status bar when I do this; as far as I know, in Word 2019 overwriting has even been disabled. Could you at least put a marker somewhere? Or is it already there and I didn’t see it? If I press INS key I see nothing happening anywhere in the interface.

There is no INS key on the Mac, thank the gods, but we do have the caps lock key. I use Karabiner to change it to delete_forward, since the Mac doesn’t have that key (and I rarely want to shout when I type).

Maybe you can find a way on Windows to remap that key to disable it or do something useful. If that sounds useful, google “windows remap keys” or start here:


@drmajorbob: Scrivener for Windows has an option to enable/disable the Insert key functionality completely, but does not have a visual clue about its current status unfortunately. By default the Insert key functionality is disabled. We will think of some visual clue in the future.

That INS key under Windows enables or disables an overwrite mode; so if you enable it and place the caret in the middle of some text, what you type replaces characters from that point forward. I don’t know if this is useful or not; I never use it. Never seen this on Macs, anyway. A visual clue telling me when it’s enabled would be welcome. Or, as I’ve seen on Word 2019, that could be completely disabled.

@ sbradabang: In Scrivener it can be also completely disabled. By default it is completely disabled.

Sorry; I overlooked that option. I found it enabled, though, and I don’t remember enabling it in the past. Maybe an older beta had it enabled by default, and I kept installing new betas by automatic updates, so this setting was inherited.

Disabling it is good; mapping it to something useful is better.