Missing page number

I have some simple pages with section titles, and sections with many pages. I can’t get a way to not have page numbers on the simple pages and page numbers on section pages. When I check no number on single pages, the number diseapeare from the main section too. Compiling to word.

Thanks for the help

Looks like you have two Section Layouts and from one the page number <$p> is missing from the Header and footers tab in the Page Setting tab of the Compile Format Designer.

Thanx for your help Antoni, but it is not the case.
When I don’t check the no header an footer on simple pages in the page settings of the format I have page numbers on all the pages of my document.
When I check it, I have no page number even on the non simple pages.


What is a “Simple” page?
Can you paste a screenshot of the Options tab and one of the Header and Footer Text tab of the Page Settings?
And Maybe a detail of your Binder outline structure?