Missing part

I have recently subscribed to scrivener, and I am so excited about it, however, as I go throug the tutorial I notice part 2 is missing. What do I do? The other parts are there: part 1,3,4,5…

Is it possible you’ve accidentally deleted Part 2?

The first thing to check is the Trash folder at the bottom of the Binder: expand it to see if the missing part is there. If it is, then you can simply drag it back to its proper place.

You can just close Scrivener, locate the tutorial project on your hard drive, and then delete it. Start up Scrivener again and start a new tutorial project, skipping to part 2.

If for some reason, the new tutorial project is also missing part 2, you should probably download the windows version again and re-install, then repeat the steps above.