Missing "Preserve tabs and indents" option


My eBook makes prodigious use of blockquotes, which have proven difficult to carry over from RTF to ePub format. A friend pointed me to a blog that explains how to preserve special formatting such as tabs and indents. In short, the blog says to go to Compile → Options → click “Preserve Tabs and Indents” under the Text Formatting Override heading.

I downloaded a trial version of Scrivener for Windows last night to see if the process detailed above works. If it does, I have every intention of buying the software; Unfortunately, I cannot find the Text Formatting Override heading, nor the “Preserve Tabs and Indents” option. When I go to Compile and click Options, I see only two: “Insert subtitles between text elements” and “Place notes after main text.”

Here’s the blog that provides instructions on preserving tabs and indents: in30minutes.com/how-to-preserve- … b-exports/

The blog shows a screenshot from the Mac version of Scrivener. Is my version different since I’m using Windows? Or perhaps because I’m using the 30-days free trial?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The trial is the regular version, just with a time lock, so everything in the program is available for you to testdrive. In this case, the “Preserve tabs and indents” option just isn’t available yet in the Windows version; it will be coming in version 2, but I expect you won’t want to wait for that. For some compile formats you could simply handle the formatting in the editor and select not to override any of that with the compile settings, but that won’t work for block quotes in the XHTML output that Scrivener is able to create. For now, if you’re compiling to an ebook format, you’ll need to do some editing post-compile in a tool like Sigil to fix the styling for the block quote paragraphs. From there you can save as an epub and use Kindle Previewer to make a .mobi version.