Missing Scratchpad Notes

I just updated the beta version today. When I checked my scratchpad, I realized that all of my notes were gone. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the beta, just part of Scrivener, or even which file to check to restore scratchpad notes. Any help would be appreciated!

Just spit-balling here, but is there any chance you pointed your notes directory elsewhere, and after updating you are no longer pointing to that location?

To see where Scrivener thinks they should be, open your options (F12, or File->Options) and navigate to the General options. Select Scratchpad (the fifth choice on the left panel) and check out the Notes Location.

Each note should be it’s own .rtf file in this location. If they’re not there, you can search likely folders on your hard drive for .rtf files until you find them and then point Scrivener to that location.

Ah, thank you! I did a search, but no .rtf files showed up. Looks like I lost the files completely, but at least I know how to check in the future!

Dang. That’s concerning. (I have a lot of scratchpad notes. I’d hate to lose them.)