Missing .scriv files

I have no idea what happened. I moved my .scriv files and the associated folder to a new folder. The .scriv files disappeared and were replaced by one named after the new folder in which they were all stored. What has happened and how can I get my .scriv files back and begin writing again?


I am not sure from your description exactly what you have done. I don’t understand exactly what you mean when you say that you “moved my .scriv files and the associated folder to a new folder”.

I have just checked my Scrivener folder. It contains a number of folders, each with a project name: “Novel 1” etc. Inside each of these folders is a .scrivx file with the project name: eg “Novel 1.scrivx” and a folder called Files, one called Settings, and one called Mobile (because I sync with my iPad).

If I want to move this project to a new place on my hard disk I will simply move the project folder. I will then open Scrivener and choose Open and navigate inside the dialog box to the Novel 1.scrivx file and select that. That will open the project.

What “.scriv files” disappeared?

If you move files out of the project folder *. scrv, you’ve essentially moved all files out of the Project. Thus, an empty Project.
Either move the files back in or move the entire folder containing the content.
Renaming is possible if you rename the folder as well as the Project file.
You can always Choose [Project > Save as…], of course.

Hi, thank you both. Terrible mistake; I said “associated folder” when I meant “associated folders”!

What I’m left with is a new folder (“Scrivener Files”) full of .scriv file folders and a single Scrivener Project file named “Scrivener Files”. The files that disappeared were the .scriv files associated with the folders.

Hard to tell from here what’s going on. Perhaps restore the project from your backup and start again?

Well, your writing is inside the folder you moved. If you create a folder with the old name and move the files back, can you access the Project again?

If not, create an empty Project and Import the old project files. Scrivener will attempt to repair the old project and construct a new Binder.

If all else fails, you can always unzip the Backup file with the latest date to a different location and write further using that version of your project.

Alright, thank you for your help.

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Each project is a .scriv folder, not a file. If you want to move a project, the safest way is to let Scrivener make a zipped backup, move the .zip file to the new location and unzip it.

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