missing section - renaming, sugarsync, other possible causes

Yesterday I opened my document only to find that my longest section was completely blank. As you might guess, this really put me in to a tailspin. Miraculously, thanks to a combination of SugarSync and the release of iTunes 8 yesterday, I was able to recover a working version. Let me explain.

These are the things that may have caused the problem, but I’m only guessing. I had just renamed the file and then moved it to a new subdirectory. I am also using SugarSync to sync all my files across four different computers. I’m wondering if SugarSync is the cause here or if it was the renaming. Or perhaps a combination of the two. Normally SugarSync would work well to restore me to a sane state because it keeps the five most recent versions of all files automatically (similar to Time Machine, which I had not used in over a day–external hard drive). But of course Scrivener uses a package and a lot of individual files and, with the file moving and renaming, I could not locate a good copy in the SugarSync auto-backups. However, because I had rebooted my Mini to install iTunes 8 and had not restarted SugarSync, I did find a good copy of the file on that computer.

But my basic question is which of these things might be causing me to lose all the text in a given section?


Do you have it running on a timed schedule, or is backing up a manual process you do? If it is on a timer like TimeMachine, what probably happened is that you had your project open in Scrivener while it was getting backed up. This would certainly cause glitches eventually (you might get lucky a few times). Projects should always be closed before they are copied. Renaming is not a problem (though again the project should be closed), as Scrivener’s own backup option does this all of the time. If it is on a timer, and the time is a fixed schedule that you can predict, you can set up some iCal reminders that warn you five minutes in advance. This will give you time to finish your paragraph and close your projects.