Missing separator functionality

I have played around with text-separators in the compile dialog, and there is one thing which I feel is missing (don’t know if this is a bug, or a missing feature):

When writing a structured document, and you have a folder containing, say, three text documents, it is more useful to have separators that indicate (1) when you have encountered/entered a new folder, and (2) when you have left a folder (that is, after the last-document in the folder).

(1) is already available via the “Text and Folder Separator”, but (2) is presently not available – the “Folder and Text Separator” inserts a separator directly after the folder-document, and not after the last document in the folder.

So, if that’s not the desired behavior, could it be fixed? And if it is, could the additional separator described in (2) be added? It makes postprocessing a compiled structured document much easier.

One side comment: having variable substitution in custom-separators would also be quite cool. For example, variables might include: (previous-document title), (next-document title), (prev-label), (next-label), etc.

By the way, I’m using Linux, and am looking forward to being able to purchase Scrivener after the final version is available!

One other maybe-bug:

In the options-dialog, if “Treat all documents with children as folders” is selected, it seems that the “Text and Folder Separator” does not ever get triggered/inserted (in cases where one would expect it to when text-docs w/children are seen as folders).