Missing templates and compiling issue

Hi. I’ve used Scrivener successfully in the past with Win XP. I’ve recently been using it with 8.1 (and have today upgraded to Win 10). My issue is that the Front Matter template is missing from the sidebar and when I compile there is no document in the folder I save it to.

When I look for updates I get the message that I have no internet connection - which is obviously incorrect as I connected to this site from the programme.

Has anyone got any ideas on what might be wrong please? Thanks.

If you have an older version the updating from within the program may no longer work. (And IIRC there was one version around 1.6 that just broke the online update). You should be able to download the installer for the latest version (or the previous one if you prefer) from this website instead.

If you’ve moved from XP to a more modern version of Windows on the same machine, I wonder if Scrivener may be confused about where things are stored – it’s been a while since I used XP, but I think the ‘application data’ folder may be in a different place? So a clean install of an up-to-date version is probably the way to go. Note that the current (1.9) version will change the organization of your project files in a non-reversible way the first time you open each project-- it shouldn’t cause any problems if you’re only working on one machine, but it’s something to be aware of when you do the update.

Hi - thanks for replying. I’m using a different machine but I’ll download the version for Win10 and see if it works for me.