Missing Text icon for Chapter Folders

I have just bought Scrivener after downloading the trial several times and I’m excited about it. I’ve already transferred two projects to it and envisage living in it all of the time!

HOWEVER, on all the help screenshots folders have a little ‘text’ icon on Folders that have text headings beneath them and I cannot find how to make that happen. Has something changed since the screen shots were made or am I missing something?? It would be nice to know in folder view which folders have something in them without opening them all…

Cheers :question:

Folders only have the text icon if they have text content (this has nothing to do with how many subdocuments they have inside them). Folders and text items are exactly the same other than the icon and the default mode in which they open - folders open in corkboard mode by default, text items open in editor mode by default. But select a folder and turn off corkboard mode to enter editor mode, and you can type away in the text of the folder too (you can convert folders to text items and vice versa via the Documents menu). Take a look at the section in the Help file entitled “The Binder”, where all of the icons are explained.

In other words, it’s best to think of folders as a special type of text file rather than as containers and nothing more.

Hope that helps. Thanks for buying, glad you’re excited about it!

All the best,

Thanks … I am still learning of course and appreciate the quick help.