Missing text

After copy and pasting into Scriv from Word, it only shows a certain amount of text and then bizarrely the top of the next line!

Trying to highlight down from here and then copying into Word I get a few more lines, but I’m missing tens of thousands of words!

I’ve checked on both the PC and laptop (project is in dropbox) and it’s the same. I’ve trawled these forums and not found anyone with the same issue. Thankfully I have a full copy in word, but am wanting to use Scriv.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on please? :frowning:

Hello Gem,
Not sure copy and paste is the wisest choice when you mention tens of thousands of words. Have you tried using the import function?

Yes I repeated the same exercise with import and same issue!

Can you figure out what you might be doing that no one else is doing? If lots of people don’t have the issue, and you have it on 2 computers, then I suspect something with the file itself. An unusual font? An image used for chapter separation? Also, what happens if you select only a page or so and paste that as a way to help figure out what the problem is.

Also, have you copied the file to your local computer and done the copy and paste from there, getting Dropbox out of the equation?

If I could figure it out I wouldn’t be posting lol.

I’ve done it again into a new Scriv project and it hasn’t happened. So that’s something, bit worrying though.