Missing UK English.

I recently bought Scrivener and installed it on my Windows 8.1 laptop. Spelling correction is all US English. I have gone to the preferences and I can see the list of languages to choose from and it is currently set to “English”. There is nothing in the list that refers to “UK English”, “British English”, “USA English” or any other variants. There is only “English”. There is an option to set it to the system language (which is English UK on my laptop) and I have tried this with no different results. If I type “colour” it gets underlined in red for example. I need UK English.

I have gone to this page: scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … nary-files but there is no manually downloadable dictionary there for English (of any type). If I start Word for example, I am using a British dictionary by default.

I have to have this for Scrivener to be usable by me.

Also, just to note that I tried searching the Knowledge Base but found no results. It kept telling me term “uk” was ignored and just gave me countless irrelevant results for “language”. I couldn’t wade through it all.

Not a Windows user, but a search of the forum comes up with this:


Does what you want?

And page 302 of the manual (section B6):

literatureandlatte.com/docum … win-a4.pdf

You’re probably modifying the setting for the user interface language, which is independent of the writing language. Try the setting pointed out by Briar and that should fix it for you.

Thank you both. That was the problem. I did not realize that the setting called “Language” in the General options was something different to the language used for spellchecking.

This has solved things for me