Missing 'V' & '^' on iPad nav bar

I may be missing something obvious but the nav bar does not contain the subject buttons in one of my projects.

In a project that works correctly the nav bar, left to right, contains the diagonal arrows, the down button, the up button, the doc name, the inspector button the recents button, the search button and the new doc button ‘+’.

The ‘bad’ nav bar contains all except the V and ^. If I move from one doc to the next in the Draft folder the missing buttons flash visible for a fraction of a second and then disappear.

I have several files created on the Mac version and when editing any of them on my iPad the buttons are there. Any guess as to why they are missing in one project?

There are some legitimate cases where the arrow button you’re referring to will not be displayed, but the “flicker” problem seems separate from that. I’ve already noted one condition where that can happen, when using an iPhone 6+ in landscape orientation with the binder visible and tapping between the two introductory tutorial files, “Start Here” and “Key Concepts”. What conditions are you finding this under?

Remember, I’m using an iPad, specifically a 256GB iPad Pro 9.7…

Perhaps it is easier to provide a project rather than try to explain it verbally…

I have reduced the project to the Draft folder with two docs in it, the Research folder which is empty, and the Trash folder which is also empty.

If you open the project on an iPad and select the Draft folder then switch between the two entries the stable state will be without the navigation arrows. During the transition from one to the other the navigation arrows will appear then quickly disappear.

test.scriv.zip (201 KB)

Thanks for the example file. Hmm, I’m actually seeing the arrows visible as a stable state, rather than not (I tapped into Draft so that the two sample files were the only thing in the sidebar, then tapped between them). I was using a slightly different model (the 13"), but the display code should be the same between the two. Oh here’s something, I’ve been testing in landscape mode with the binder as a static element in the UI rather than hidden or floating, as it would be in portrait. Is that the difference between what we’re doing?

Like I say I could get the arrows flickering on another device, so it might be the problem is all interconnected, even if I can’t get it to happen on an iPad.

I’ve found the ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’.

It is in the project SIDEBAR settings. If Compact is chosen all works well. If Expanded is chosen the ‘troublesome’ actions occur.

I don’t know if it’s working the way it is supposed to work, or if it is a minor glitch. Either way, I’ve got it working now. It never was more than a minor irritant.

Thanks for your help.

Okay! It is probably removing them by necessity for space. Modern UI design does not target individual devices, but rather size classes, so we have to consider that the same navigation bar will be used on the Mini as on the mammoth 13". I’d have to fire up the old iPad 2 to verify, but I bet with an expanded binder there isn’t much if any space left for the next/prev buttons.

Now that necessary limitation aside, if we can do something about the flicker that would be nice, as that just looks like a mistake to me.