Missing window button and info

Hi, don’t know if it’s my fault if they disapeared, but I really don’t know how to make them back. Tried a long time, so I get back. I even looked at the introduction video (where I saw I wasn’t hallucinating). [Trial Version 2.9 by the way, the video seems not to be up to date, and I’m glad about it :wink:]


First, the button next to the inspector, upper right, allowing to switch from 1 to 2 panels, vertically or horizontally.

Secondly, the status bar at the bottom of each page displaying the word count.

These little options missed me a lot. Someone know what happened to these? Thanks a lot

Sounds like you might just not have the header and footer visible for your editor. Select View>Layout>Show Header View and Show Footer View to enable them. If you split the editor you may need to do this separately for each editor, so just put your focus in the second split and repeat the process.

Thank you sooooo much <3