Missing words

Please help: All my writing is missing from my Scrivener for Windows. Including my backup version. The files are still there & labeled, but the word count is all at zero for 6+ chapters and my character bios’ & images. It’s like someone hit ‘copy & delete’ on all my documents. Suggestions? I have tried restarting computer, opening backup, looked in recycle bin… Please help.

Hi, Did you ever get your text back? I hope this never happens to me! Do you know why this happened? :cry:

Scrivener has it’s own Trash folder, you should look there.

Also, this sounds a lot like when someone goes into their .scriv directory, and just copies the Project.scrivx file somewhere else. The ‘.scrivx’ file contains an index of your project, but not the actual text, synopses, notes, etc… If you did this, be sure that you go back to the original and copy the .scriv directory and all of it’s contents.

A question about missing words… I just read on another site about Scrivener, that if we are using the trial version it may have bugs causing it to lose data or text. So should we be backing up our files with a USB? I do see my file in my documents, so should I be saving the file on a USB as well until I buy full version?

Trial versions are almost identical to the full version. The only difference is the reminder to buy and the count-down to expiration. BETA versions often carry this warning, as they haven’t been tested thoroughly, and therefor carry a slightly elevated risk. Backing up on a regular basis is always a good idea, since so many things can happen with a computer (hard drive crash, burglary, fire, leave your laptop in a cab…).

Thank you again Robert! I will back them up. I have tons of information I’ve been adding and I’m trying to organize them and be able to sit and write it all out in my book.