Misspelled Words

Not a big deal but I noticed the squiggly red line that normally goes under a misspelled word in any text situation (like a word processor of any sort) is so faint in Scrivener as to be almost invisible.

Just as an example, I’m going to mispell misspell. That robust red line I see here is about 75% less visible in Scrivener.

I’m using the beta Windows ( but I had the same issue in all versions.

Still loving the beta - using it whenever I can. Thanks again for this amazing product.


P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I just noticed I had posted some stuff in a different forum for the beta but again, I’ve experienced this in all version including 2.x

Dots was a switch made a few versions back. Fortunately, you can switch back to Waves. It helps. Check here:
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-10-21 000313.png[/attachment]

Oh, brilliant! Thank you, Jestar, and hello from and to the Tavern.