Mixed Font Selection and Changing Bug 1.01

I am typing in the editor using the Calibri font. I have a secondary window open with another document that is in the Palatino Linotype font. I highlight and copy some text in Palatino and paste it in the first document. So I have half a sentence in one font, and half in the other. Here’s the problem. When I select the entire sentence to change the font to Calibri, nothing happens. In fact, the I have to carefully select only the words in the other font to change them. However, I can select multiple fonts and sizes and choose a new size and it all changes. But I think I should be able to change multiple fonts as well.

Does this make sense?

Makes sense and you’re right, it’s a bug. For now you can get around this by using F4 (Format > Font > Show Fonts) to open the fonts palette and applying the correct font from there. This is only an issue when the font you’re trying to switch to is already the one named in the format bar, e.g. whatever font is used for the text at the end of the selection (where your cursor is); trying to reselect via the format bar doesn’t seem to recognize that not all of the text is already that font and it doesn’t apply it properly. When you load the fonts palette, the correct font name is also already selected, but clicking OK there will apply it to the whole selection. So F4 and then Return will update the font quickly the way you want it.

Thanks for the reply and the tip! You guys are the best, and I love Scrivener more the longer I use it!