Mixed Roman/Arabic numerals auto-numbering of headings


I would like to use a mix of Roman and Arabic numerals for my headings, such as e.g.:


I have been reading through posts on the forum, referring to the placeholder tag list, and trying out different solutions for DAYS with no avail - Approaches I tried included the following:

I tried making back-reference to $hn, e.g. #hn, but that is obviously not implemented
I tried back-referencing by using $parentposition, but its not recursive, so <$parentposition<$parentposition>> doesn’t resolve
I tried dedicated variables for each level, e.g. $chapter, $section, $subsection, $subsubsection, but somehow results are erratic, and I cannot make back-reference without naming them (And automatically naming by using $title_no_spaces) didn’t work either.

Eventually I want to reuse the same, to number figures and tables by chapter, e.g.
Table/Figure (I.1.2.2-1)
Table/Figure (I.1.2.2-2)

  • but first things first…

Can someone please advice for a solution or work-around? Thanks for the support.

Anyone - please?

I think you will have better luck leaving this kind of complicated numbering for after you compile, using whatever system you will be using for the final production. Hierarchical numbering is just a fixed counter, there is no customising it to use different types of numbering symbols for portions of it, and as you note, it’s really not practical to try and build your own <$hn> since that puts an effective limit on the depth, being unable to reference beyond the parent.

Thanks for your reply. I’m using Multi-markdown currently, because I need more complex and stable tables than Scrivener can provide. To my knowledge Multi-Markdown doesn’t offer such numbering and counting features. Are you aware of any strategy for create semi-automatic references after compile - remember that I need cross-referencing for tables, figures, and chapters? I could only think of search and find in Word using macros, but it sounds rather complicated and messy.

I would definitely suggest a more elaborate system of numbering for future versions - I think indexing and referencing is structure related, not design related, so it clearly falls in the Scrivener domain of the writing process.

BTW - I think this issue (particularly the second part about re-using the same system) somehow relates also to the following post:
So I’m not the only one asking for a solution.

Well if you’re using MultiMarkdown you should already have a superior solution post-compile that is going to be preferable to hard-coding numerals into your file, anyway. In fact, complex documents with a lot of structure and cross-reference are an excellent candidate for MMD. If you take the Scrivener user manual as an example, there isn’t a single auto-count placeholder in the project, yet it has hierarchical numbering (with mixed types, with Roman parts and alphabetic appendices) and cross-referencing by number, as well as figure and table numbering prefixed with chapter numbers. Basically, everything you are asking for, and everything in that thread, you already have. I don’t worry about any of that stuff. I just drop a picture in, or cross-ref to it from anywhere using its file name as the pointer.

I’d imagine you can do just about all of this with the MMD->word processor route as well. It inserts live bookmark links at all cross-ref points and captions for automated numbering, and of course for headings you have the full stylesheet system to design level-based numbering schemes.