MLA Research Paper Template

Hey, everyone, I just finished this template and thought some of you might be interested (maybe). I’m a graduate English major, and I decided to make a template that got everything formatted under MLA guidelines (used in almost all English courses). It’s very similar to the standard “Undergraduate Essay” template provided with Scrivener, but with some tweaks, such as the heading and addition of a “Works Cited” page at the end.

I included a list of MLA citation examples along with explanatory comments. I pretty much transferred every example from the MLA Handbook, along with the verbatim (in most cases) explanations. I added some explanatory notes here and there, taken from the handbook. Also, I updated the “Example Essay” to reflect how a properly-formatted MLA research paper should look (according to the official MLA guidelines, that is). Again, it’s not too different from the original version, but it looks a little cleaner under MLA.

I don’t know if there are any other students out there who would be able to use this, but if so, hopefully it comes in handy.

Edit: I’m not sure if this works with Macs, or how to export it for Macs to use if it’s not, as I only use Windows. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

MLA-Formatted Research (144 KB)

That sounds like a great piece of work, and many thanks.
But I can’t open it on a Mac; the Archive Utility stalls until I Force Quit.
Does your file have the extension .scriv on it?
It might be that’s creating the problem.
Ordinarily, I can open any .zip file going.

The extension is .scrivtemplate. Not sure if this is different from .scriv? I exported it from the “New Project” screen to the desktop and made a .zip file from it to upload (couldn’t upload the .scrivtemplate file directly, because this website called it a “possible attack vector”?) Are you able to do an “Import template” from the “New Project” screen in the Mac version, or is it completely different from Windows?

Any other users who downloaded it (4 downloads total so far) have any problems getting it to work?

I tried importing the file into my copy of Scrivener, just to see if it works, and it does, so it might be a Mac thing, and again, I know nothing about Macs, sorry.

I also edited the template slightly, to eliminate a pesky force-close problem that I mention in more detail in a post in Scrivener for Windows - Bug Hunt. Before, if you tried dragging the MLA Works Cited Examples document anywhere, Scriv would force-close, but now it’s good. Sorry to the four or five people who already downloaded it.

I’ve changed the file in the original post, and am putting it in this one also.

MLA-Formatted Research (144 KB)

Tried it again, but Archive Utility can’t unzip the file.
My loss, I guess. Thanks for trying.

Not that I can imagine using it, but I thought I’d see if I can help. I have a utility on disk called “The Unarchiver” which is much more capable than the native Mac one. It did indeed unarchive the .zip to a .scrivtemplate that has imported without problem.

I attach a Mac OS-X zipped archive that you can try, Druid.

MLA-Formatted Research (157 KB)

That’s why I love this forum, there are always people looking to help others, even if they don’t need to. Thanks, xiamenese!


Many thanks for your effort. I can’t open that one, either.
Will have to see if it’s a memory issue or something else.
Back to pre-Stonehenge rehearsal. Equinox approaches!


Yeah, that makes it sound like you’ve got a problem with the native Apple unzipping thingummy. I don’t think it can be a memory issue — unless you’re extremely seriously challenged in that area — as the archive is only 160KB on my machine and the unzipped template is only 393KB.


Post-edit: Come to think of it, my aged and somewhat challenged human memory tells me that I have read (an)other thread(s) here in the Mac forums where unzipping was proving an issue on someone’s computer (as well as similar problems in the Linux forum and perhaps even the Windows one)

Hello there! I just wanted to say I’m just beginning work on a research paper for my English 400 seminar and I was looking to see if there was an MLA-style template anywhere. I was so excited to find the one you made! Just made an account in order to say thank you, this looks like it will be incredibly helpful! =D

Umm, this may help you Druid. … 0&tstart=0