MLZ Zotero Client +Mac + Word

I have found a work around for my specific academic writing. Law has it’s own rigor in style guide in my country, so the very clever bees have made an MLZ Zotero client just for our style guide. that’s fantastic except that now all these brilliant (and too tricky for me) work-arounds don’t work at all because we’ve effectively broken Zotero to make our own version of it. So if, like me, you use an MLZ client with your Zotero, you want to output to Word for your final version, and you’re on a Mac, here’s my very simple work around. Also, if you are in my boat and have a better (more finessed /refined/difficult?) solution, I would be so grateful if you shared your work-arounds.

install zotero

break zotero (install your MLZ Client)

install word add on

install RTF/OTD add on

enter books etc in zotero as normal
then, to work in scrivener I use inspector to add footnotes this way:

drag footnotes from zotero web window into inspector footnote holder, correcting to shorten based on previous mention and internal refs etc.

export file as microsoft word .docx (or according to your own preferences.

you have to edit all the footnotes in scrivener or manually on the screen in word after you export
BUT the word doc is using the style guide I imported, even a MLZ client style guide

don’t edit the footnotes in the word document, make changes in scrivener and export again.

it is a little bit of labour, BUT it gets the job done. if there is an easier way, lets hear it!!

best of luck- excellent news for this PhD student!

This is not going to work- sadly. I need zotero to function because I need to use it to compile a bibliography. I think the answer might just be to switch to EndNote??

Off to investigate endnote now…
very discouraged!

ideas welcomed.