MM > LaTex - Numbering / Abstract

Thanks for providing this wonderful tool - now I can finally use LaText as well! This is really, really great (because it means I can now use Scrivener as my main writing tool and don’t have to deal with word processor files anymore…).

I have three questions:
(1) When I use Base Header Level “3” I do get the format I want but experience some problems with the numbering. The TOC lists correctly 1 Title, 2 Second Title, etc., but the numbers in the body of the paper appear as 0.1 Title, 0.2 Second Title, etc. How can I change that?

(2) Would it be possible to add “Abstract” as Metadata into MM for use as metadata in LaTex? (On another note, I don’t know why metadata in TeXshop is not correctly lined in the middle [the Title and Subtitle are, but the rest is somewhat off], but I suspect that has to do with TeXshop and so I’ll try to figure it out there, but if you have any word of advice, I’d be more than grateful of course :wink:

(3) The notes in tables produces a double entry and then presents only the second entry (also in the output of the Scrivener sample file). What am I missing here?

Again thanks to the both of you for making such wonderful writing tools!

Chapter numbering is a function of the LaTeX class. By default, Scrivener exports using the memoir class. You can find a discussion on it, and a link to its documentation, here. It has a lot of options for how things are displayed. The easiest way to modify behaviour is to just open the exported .tex file and modify the preamble using TeXShop or whatever you prefer. If you want to get things more automated, you’ll want to peruse these forms for tips on making your own XSLT (a small adjustment like this would actually be very simple), and then setting up your Scrivener project to use that XSLT instead of the default memoir.xslt. This is accomplished by downloading MMD and installing it into Application Support, giving you full access to the guts of the export engine that Scrivener uses. Scrivener will defer to ~/Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown, if one exists, making simple to extreme customisation of Scrivener’s export capabilities much easier.

To assign your project to use a different xslt (over a dozen are provided with MMD, beyond basic memoir), you’ll use MultiMarkdown Settings in the File menu. This just gives you access to MMD’s meta-data block.

Incidentally, I did create an XSLT that has support for the abstract block. It can be downloaded from the MMD site. To use it with Scrivener, all you do is title the very first document in Draft “Abstract,” and then put the contents into that. I haven’t tested this XSLT since the new version of MMD came out—but I think Fletcher updated it to the new scope specifications.