MMD and Greek characters

How do I generate Greek characters using MultiMarkDown?
Or, how do I insert Greek into my text. I need to do this for writing equations.

If you’re looking to do math, look into the ASCIIMath syntax. Support for this is included in MultiMarkdown, and allows for a bunch of greek symbols.

Check out: …

Now, if you just want to use Greek, correct me if I’m wrong but I think you just type it in - haven’t really had occasion to try it. MultiMarkdown doesn’t do anything special with “unusual” characters.

Dear Fletcher,

This is perfect. I had already downloaded your sample document but forgot that it had math examples. Greek is easy with ASCIIMath.

For the Greek letter Phi, all I need to do is:


Glad it works for you. I’ve had multiple requests to implement something more akin to LaTeX for the math environment, but this seems to fit much more in line with Markdown’s philosophy. And since I never really learned LaTeX, it’s a lot easier and more intuitive.