MMD and Multiple Citations

Hi everyone,

I’m in the middle of a steep learning curve to understand the Scrivener-MMD-LaTeX writing process. I’ve had good success getting the basics down and generating simple documents. However, one thing I haven’t figured out is how to combine citations within parentheses using MMD notation in Scrivener. So far I’ve had to edit the LaTeX code manually after compiling. If I want to cite multiple authors at the end of a sentence, e.g. (Allan et al., 2000; Smith et el., 2010), is this possible using MMD notation?



I haven’t tried it myself, but going by the example in the manual:

This is a statement that should be attributed to
its source[p. 23][#Doe:2006].

And following is the description of the reference to be
used in the bibliography.

[#Doe:2006]: John Doe. *Some Big Fancy Book*.  Vanity Press, 2006.

Can you not stack these in the example sentence? Like so:

[p. 23][#Doe:2006][p. 483][#Smith:2010]

Maybe it needs a space in between the two pairs, though.

Using back-to-back citations, such as [#Allan:2000][#Smith:2010], was what I originally tried. However, this produces two separate citations after compiling to LaTeX, e.g. (Allan et al., 2000)(Smith et al., 2010).

It would be great if there was a way to combine these into the same parentheses without manually editing the LaTeX code.

Any other thoughts?



Try putting both cite keys in the same citation, separated by a comma. So, in Scrivener:


which appears in the final PDF as:

(or [1, 2] if you are using numerical rather than author-year references). is a very good source for information on citations: it’s where I found that multiple citation comma.

Perfect! Thanks for the advice.