MMD and Scriv 2.3 and LaTeX compile

I wrote a conference paper using MMD, and was compiling it out to .tex files OK. Until this morning, when I upgraded to Scriv 2.3, now it just doesn’t seem to behave and I need help!

Previously, it compiled the file to a single big .tex file, which was just OK for this sort of thing (i.e. a conference presentation). Now creates a directory (where it used to make just a .tex file) And exports a whole bunch of other .tex files too. That’s OK, I don’t really care about that, but when I open the tex file in TexShop and try to compile it to PDF, there is no \begin{document} in the LaTeX anymore, and of course it then fails! (if I use document type article, there are other errors).

When I first did it I exported with whatever settings I was using before, it didn’t even export any of the body text at all! I had to select the Contents - Compile group option “treat compile group as entire draft” option to get any body text into the compiled LaTeX output.

I’ve tried using both memoir and article as the target document type in LaTex.

Before it worked just fine, creating one big TeX file. Now nothing I try seems to work - it produces rubbish TeX that I have to completely rework by hand (i.e. strip everything off by hand - everything out side the document body - and add in all the header elements manually).

It looked like the issue was the inclusion of the Meta-Data in the first document. This was MMD 2 format (I think) and it was really screwing things up. If I don’t include it, and type my meta-data into the fields provided by the Compile dialogue it comes out OK on the Article document style. Well, by OK I mean the resultant .tex file that it makes will compile in TexShop, at least.

Can I tell Scrivener to use a different set of MMD tex header files than the ones inside the Scrivener app package itself? I find myself manually inserting the same set of three or four layout commands into the generated .tex file. I would like to put edited copies of these into another directory somewhere and use those instead.