MMD and Scrivener Links

Hi! I’m using Scrivener Links to reference research PDFs in my Document, solely for my own purposes. When I compile my document to MMD or to LaTeX via MMD, those Scrivener Links do not get discarded as it says in the Scrivener Manual:

„When compiling, unless the target format (such as RTF, PDF and HTML) supports point-to-point linking, they will be stripped from the output, and thus are handy for in- serting useful links for your own purposes.“

The Links themself get stripped out, but at their place not the original Text is shown but the title of the linked Document. An exmaple to clarify:

The Text would read „Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.“ The word „dolor“ is linked to a document called „research“. When I compile I’d like the text to still read dolor instead „Lorem ipsum research sit amet“.

What am I missing?

That is an unfortunate combination of features, sorry for understandable the confusion. If you had linked to an Excel spreadsheet instead then you would not have seen this happen. What is going on here is described in the user manual:

For the purposes of this definition, a PDF file is technically an image file that could be inserted inline. I’ve added a note to add a disclaimer to the section describing Scrivener Link usage to point out that image links will not act this way.

Thanks for your answer! So if linking PDFs in this way is not possible, I’ll be using document references in the Inspector. This will do!

Definitely a good alternative. Also consider that hyperlinks inside of Comments and Inline Annotations can be excluded from compile. So you can still keep links in the text if you prefer, just not attached directly to text that your readers will see.

But you can’t add Scrivener Links to Comments, right? Which kind of links would you suggest using?

Sorry, I did mean inline annotations. I’m used to typing them out together though. :slight_smile: