MMD and signs

I want to use the developing Biblatex package for my citations. But when entering some of the commands, and then exporting to LaTeX through MMD, I’m having problems.

Instead of getting \footcite{lowry} in my .tex file post-export, i’m getting:


in the LaTeX file.

AmberV or anyone…any help?

First a disclaimer, I am not at all familiar with how BibTeX and MMD cooperate, I’ve never even tried it. I’ve been assuming that one uses a special way of notation inside a standard footnote, which gets parsed by BibTeX and turned into citations.

So to clarify, are you using the MMD footnote syntax to do this, or are you typing the LaTeX command directly into Scrivener? The footnote syntax would look something like[^1] this.

[^1]: And here is the actual footnote content, in some other part of the document if desired.

Or, you can use Scrivener’s own footnote feature, which when using MMD exports, will get automatically turned into the proper syntax described above. I do know that if you try to type LaTeX commands directly into the source document, they will be escaped in a manner just like you are witnessing. There is no way to override this and tell it to just plug the command straight through, because the architecture was designed to be output format agnostic. \footcite{} would have no meaning in XHTML, or RTF, for example.

Now, as far as distinguishing between regular footnotes and citations – I am not clear on how that process works. I do know that glossary entries have their own notation, which is quite simple: The footnote content starts with the string "Glossary: " which is trapped by the XSLT and converted appropriately.

MMD supports both footnotes and BibTeX citations. For footnotes, go to the MMD site and scroll down to the “Footnotes” heading. For BibTeX, on the same page, scroll down to “Bibliography Support”.

MMD will escape your backslashes so they show up in the final text, which means you can’t put LaTeX commands directly in the text. At least, I haven’t figured out what, if anything, is the “don’t parse this, pass it on verbatim” command.

Basically, if you type in \cite{foo} into Scrivener, and export to MMD–>LaTeX, it remains as is. However, since I’m writing humanities papers, I need to use a different package: Biblatex (Jurabib is now officially retired). But I’d like to avail myself of some of Biblatex’s commands. So, like janra was saying: I need some type of verbatim, something to keep my command from being mauled. :slight_smile:

I posted an email to Fletcher, the MMD developer, and he kindly (and quickly!) responded (in part):

Tried it, and – for the purpose of citations – it works fine. Just thought I’d share that in case anybody else using LaTeX and different flavors of Bibtex would like to use this hack.

Thanks, that will be a nice inclusion. There are some things I’ve wished that I could just type LaTeX straight in, and baulked at the thought of writing a Perl modification and an XSLT to handle it.