MMD + Bookends

As a new owner of iPad, I am fallen in love with Multimarkdown (I use Byword in my iOS device and obviously Scrivener in MacOS). My question is: have you got some hint about using Bookends in the workflow for compiling a project using Multimarkdown?
I tried to compile a book (non-fiction) using Multimarkdown --> PDF. The result was astonishing, but all the citations in Bookends were not formatted and not modifiable. Bookends is not able to scan a bundle document such a Scrivener project …
Thank you for your patient. I searched some topics like this one on the forum but I didn’t find anything useful.

I think the best way, on the assumption you’re updating to 2.3 would be:

  1. Compile MMD to .fodt
  2. Change the file-type to odt
  3. Open in Nisus Writer Pro
  4. Scan the citations and build the bibliography using the “Scan with Bookends” option within NWP.

If you don’t have NWP, Mellel have just released v. 3.0 as a free upgrade to all who purchased after 2007. One of the major changes in that is a “cite as you write” type interaction with Bookends, but unless you’re starting your document from scratch in Mellel, I don’t suppose it wll really help any more than just scanning the imported file, which you can do in Mellel. Also, I don’t know if Mellel can import .odt as I haven’t looked.


.odt is not actually supported by Mellel. Too bad because Mellel is closely linked to Bookends.

I have to say I’m not entirely surprised, as to me Mellel is quirky on the import front. I’ve always wanted to like it and I keep a copy of it updated, but can’t really use it as, in order to import a .DOC in Chinese, I have to save it out as RTF using another word processor first. NWP lets me import it directly.

On the Bookends front, yes the latest version of Mellel is ahead of Nisus Writer Pro in having a “Cite as you write” type of integration, but that presumes you’re doing all your writing in Mellel. Presumably, the OP is doing his writing in Scrivener like me and putting the citation codes in in the process. Whether you use Mellel or NWP, you’re going to have to scan the exported file, and in that I would guess they’re equal. I’m not sure I’d like “Cite as you write”, either, but I’ve never tried.

For the rest, Mellel apparently has advantages in being able to handle different note streams, but that is never something I’ve needed. The new interface is better than the old one, but I do find it ugly and much prefer the Nisus UI. But then such things are very personal. Nevertheless, I will give Mellel a whirl with a document I’ve just produced—no foot or endnotes, no citations, but title formatting to do and images to insert—to see how I get on.