MMD Compile to fodt

Has anyone run into odd issues when compiling MMD to fodt? Where I’m really noticing it is if I tell it to do a new page between folders or documents. I have my Scenes inside a Folder, and would like to have those separated by page breaks. Right now, I get no page breaks between folders.

Additionally, the text documents in the folder get stuck together. Where one document ends, the next one begins like it’s part of the same paragraph.

Am I doing something wrong in the way I am trying to work the documents?

There is no code for a page break in MultiMarkdown, so that option doesn’t do anything in Scrivener. We should be inserting a ruled separator, however. I’ll flag that for attention to the developers.

Recall that in Markdown you need an empty line between every paragraph. In most cases you should leave the separators panel to “Empty line” for all types, when using MMD. The only exception is if you want to break a paragraph down into smaller outline sections in the Binder, but then you have to be careful to always leave a blank line at the beginning or end of a section in the text editor itself.

Ah, I see now. It compiles it together, putting all the text in MMD format, then runs it through the MMD converter. That makes sense why I’ve had some of these issues.

I put an extra 2 lines on all my documents, and that did separate the text portions. It’d be nice if the page separations would work as well. But like you said, that’s an MMD limitation. I guess I could do a compile fodt, and then re-import it into Scriviner and do some reworking that way. Something to think about, at least.

Thanks for the answer!

Yes, that’s exactly how Scrivener works. Our job ends at making an .mmd text file. That is then fed to the MultiMarkdown engine itself, we capture the result and then create a file out of it using the name and location you specified.

In my opinion, if you don’t need formatting, the best way to round-trip with MMD is to compile to MMD with titles enabled in the Formatting compile option pane. You then work on the file as plain-text, and when you’re ready to move back to Scrivener, use the File/Import/MultiMarkdown File…. That will go through and rebuild your original outline using the header structure.

Compiling to any formatted result such as .fodt will basically knock out all of your MMD code. You could work that way, but from that point on you’d be using Scrivener more as a normal rich text editor.

Oh, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!