MMD export gives me just a plain text file


I’ve been using Scrivener for quite some time to write longer blog posts and decided to give MMD a try, because usual HTML export from Scrivener is not that good for my purposes.

But whenever I export into MMD or MMD-HTML I get just plain txt file with some header (Title, Author) with no MMD formatting whatsoever :frowning:

I’ve updated MMD to version 3.6 and installed both MMD and MMD-Support packages from official site. Still no luck.

I thought it might be problem with Russian language I’m using, but I’ve tried to write something in English and while all meta stuff is still present, I get no formatting or links in export document.

Could you provide an example paragraph of what you see in Scrivener and what you have after using the “MultiMarkdown->Web Page (.html)” compile format option? For instance, here is my own example of a working paragraph:


[code]This is a test paragraph with a link to a web site and some random formatting.


Exported HTML:


basic MMD test

This is a test paragraph with a link to a web site and some random formatting.


Language should not make a big difference for most things since the whole chain uses UTF-8. The only thing you may need to do is set your quotation style in the Scrivener Import/Export preference pane, if the typography is messed up.

I’ve read the manual again and it seems that to output MMD I need to write links in MMD format, not in WYSIWYG editor of Scrivener, right?

Because footnotes in WYSIWYG format still output just right. :slight_smile:

This is what I wrote:

And this is what I got

[code]Title: Test
Author: Sergey Galyonkin
Base Header Level: 1

Test file with link and footnote[^cf1].

[^cf1]: This is footnote[/code]

Footnote is ok, but link was killed during output. Do I have to write links in MMD format instead of just linking using Scrivener Edit-Add Link… tool?

Ah, yes, you do. For the most part you need to treat Scrivener like you were typing in TextMate or some other plain-text editor. The exceptions are footnotes (as you noticed), embedded/linked images, and header hierarchy. These exist in large part because they are all custom coded constructs on top of Apple’s basic text engine, which doesn’t support them by default. Thus it is possible to write various output methods to these given that Keith controls the code.

Links in the editor, as with most formatting, can be used for your own internal referencing and convenience. They’ll never show up in output.