MMD export hang

I’m having an intermittent crash when exporting MMD -> RTF. I have a medium-sized project (about 45000 words) that I occasionally export all or part of. Frequently, but not always, the export will hang: the blue progress bar will go all the way to the right, then stay there forever, or at least five minutes, which is the longest I’ve cared to wait.

Force-quitting Scrivener, restarting, and redoing the export always works. Nothing appears on the console. I don’t really use the non-MMD export options, so I don’t know if it’s a general export problem, but I imagine it would have been reported elsewhere if it was.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Oh, I should add that this is Scrivener 1.095, OS X 10.4.10, with whatever version of MMD is included.

Could you possibly send me the project? The MMD export uses a different concatenation method and different code to the regular export, so this is most likely MMD-specific (though most likely on the Scrivener side,though). I don’t use MMD so I won’t be able to track this bug without a sample project…


P.S. Is this only with RTF export? Have you tried exporting to straight MMD and LaTeX too?

Keith, let me play with it for a day or two and see if I can reproduce it with other MMD exports or with non-MMD exports, and then I’ll tell you what I find and send the project.

Hi mamster,

Thanks - the only trouble is that I’m on a deadline this time. 1.1 has to be out before Thursday midnight (ready for Leopard), and after that I am not doing anything to Scrivener for at least a month.

So if the project is exhibiting the problem, it would be really handy…

Thanks again and all the best,

I’ve posted before, and I’m sure I’ll do it again…

The way to figure this out is to export as MMD text. Then, use the command line, or Drag and Drop methods of running MMD to convert the plain text to RTF (but first, convert it to XHTML to see if that works.)

IF that works, then the problem is almost guaranteed to be with Scrivener (but I don’t believe there have been any recent bug fixes required with the MMD code in Scrivener. It’s pretty basic, and I think it works well.

Otherwise, you can then track down where the error is - usually (90%?) it’s a problem with the source documnent (strange unicode characters, etc), but sometimes it is actually a bug with MMD.

As always, the way to figure out where the problem is:

  1. Look for error messages (they’re there for a reason, and DON’T SHOW UP when using Scrivener)
  2. Recursively split the document into halves to figure out exactly where the problem is
  3. After trying that, send me the document and I can repeat steps 1-2 and find the problem (and if it’s a MMD problem, try and fix it…)



Okay, I will try my best to get to this tonight, but it might have to be tomorrow morning.

Did you have a chance to look into this?


Sorry I didn’t follow up. I’ve concluded that there’s no bug and I’m just impatient: sometimes the export takes a really long time. Probably not actually five minutes.