MMD export to RTF footnotes

When I export a project via MMD to RTF I get nice numbered footnotes, but I cannot click on them in TextEdit to jump to the footnotes. In NeoOffice I see a tootip which points to a file in /tmp.

Is this a bug or did I miss some settings?


It’s not a bug in Scrivener - it’s a bug in TextEdit and the OS X RTF links system, as I understand it. To be honest, although you can export to RTF using MMD, it is a little pointless. The standard (non-MMD) RTF export is much more advanced and supports many more RTF features (headers, annotations, footnotes and images). It really depends on what you want your final format to be. If you are aiming to have an RTF file, I would strongly recommend that you don’t use MMD as it doesn’t support as many RTF features as the standard exporter. If you want HTML or LaTeX, of course, it is a different matter.

Fletcher may be able to help you more on this, as MMD is his baby.


The way RTF files are created: The XHTML file that MMD generates from Scrivener is sent to Apple’s textutil program, which can convert XHTML to RTF. Thus, footnotes technically become intra-document anchors in the XHTML phase. Any inadequacies in the RTF are textutil’s fault. MMD doesn’t have anything to do with the development of it – it just happens to be the simplest way to make an RTF out of an XHTML page.

AmberV explained it pretty well.

I have mentioned before that I will not be improving RTF export any more beyond textutil, as I believe that RTF is a pretty poor format (my humble opinion, which I know is not shared by many here… :wink: Open an RTF file in several different apps, and compare the output to see what I mean. There’s little consistency. XHTML has more consistency, and offers more features. PDF offers near perfect consistency, and lots of features, but can’t be easily edited (hence the need for LaTeX).

RTF does offer a balance of easy editability (is that a word?) and is a format understood by a large number of programs, but these benefits come at the expense of consistent formatting.

I agree with the above - if you are dead set on using RTF, and are having difficulty with certain features, you might wish to use Scrivener without MMD.

That said, links within the document and links to footnotes used to work. I suspect this is a problem with textutil, and Apple will have to fix that one.


I just wanted to know whether it is a bug or my poor understanding.

XHTML and LaTeX are much more convenient as export formats.


That (my above post) said, if anyone does find a way to improve RTF export from MMD, I am willing to incorporate changes.

Honestly, the best way would be to create an XSLT to convert XHTML to RTF without relying on apple’s textutil software. However, as I don’t use RTF I am not willing to undertake the effort it would take to accomplish this.

I would, however, be willing to offer support to anyone who was interested. Perhaps there are other XSLT files out there to convert XHTML to RTF (I haven’t looked into this). If so, it shouldn’t be too hard to modify them to work with MMD.

Honestly, however, I have not heard from too many people asking for better RTF support. Either that’s because I scared them off with my obvious disdain for RTF, or because people who are interested in learning MMD already recognize the limitations of RTF and prefer plain text or PDF created by LaTeX…

Either way - I am not unwilling to incorporate improvements to RTF support within MMD, I am just unwilling to devote much of my own time to it…