MMD Import - italic and bold


i’ve a question about mmd import: when i’m importing files, everything works like it is described in the scrivener manual - except italic and bold markups (which isn’t described there, but i expected that it works). Both markups weren’t “translated”. I still see the markups like _ or *. Am i doing something wrong? I know that you can convert italic and bold rich text to mmd’s but i can’t find a way to do it the other way. And shouldn’t it work straight with the import?

I’ve searched in the forum and via google about this problem, but couldn’t find a solution yet. So, i hope someone can explain me what’s wrong.

Thanks in advance,

I suspect the answer you got from AmberV in the other thread is the answer: Scrivener is not an MMD>Rich text converter, all it handles is the outline structure.

Personally, I would want to leave MMD text untouched as I prefer to use MMD within Scrivener as it gives much richer output options for my needs…

Hm. Ok. Maybe you’re right. But for me, that should be a feature to implement older mmd Docs directly without a workaround.

I wouldn’t consider using MultiMarkdown to turn a MultiMarkdown document into a rich text document to be a workaround. :slight_smile: That’s just what you do if you have a format a program doesn’t read directly, you convert it using something that works with that format first. You’d have to do the same thing with an ePub or Excel file.