MMD LaTeX Compilation with ISO-8859-15 codepage?

Dear all,

I am writing an MMD document in scrivener, which I want to export (compile) via MMD to LaTeX. Unfortunately, Scrivener creates a tex-document with the UTF-8 codepage, which breaks my LaTeX / Bibtex setup.

In the windows version of scrivener, I was able to select the codepage, which scrivener will use to compile a tex-document. Please give me a pointer, where to find this setting in the mac-version of scrivener. I looked through “Preferences” and “Compile-Setting”, but no dice…

Warm regards,


There isn’t a way to set this on the Mac, as nearly all Mac tools handle UTF-8 just fine. In my own experience this hasn’t proven to be a problem. I don’t use anything beyond ASCII characters in my documents, however. Where I need more, I use the codes for them, or rely upon MMD’s conversion to do so. So in this state, even though the encoding is UTF-8, since the text itself is ASCII it works fine. That is the big idea with UTF-8: it’s backwards compatible with ASCII extended, so that older systems can read it still, so long as none of the higher level characters are used of course.

But, I don’t use BibTeX, so maybe that is where the fault is. Also, have you tried using XeTeX instead?

At any rate, it’s pretty easy to switch the encoding on a text file. Even just plain old TextEdit provides the option to switch encodings when using Save As. That is what I would recommend if XeTeX is not an option.