mmd -> latex compile

I’ve encountered a couple problems with the Scrivener mmd to latex compile: Double dashes are substituted for single dashes, e.g., between page numbers. Italicization is not preserved.

Help appreciated.


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You could check the Plain Text Conversions in the Transformations pane of the Compile window to make sure you haven’t got a dashes to hyphen conversion turned on.

Rich text italics will always be ignored by MMD. You’ll need to use asterisks to get italics. If you’ve already got italics in a document then you can use Format>Convert>Bold and italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax to do an initial conversion. Although you will need to check the results as the conversion may give you something like * italics* which will not work properly in MMD. (That happens if you have inadvertently applied the rich text italics to the space before the word - the conversion will therefore place the starting * at that point, rather than at the start of the word.)

Thanks. My apologies for the inappropriate posting. Dashes to hyphens is not turned on. I wasn’t aware of the Format>Convert>Bold and italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax option. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

While I’m at it, another problem I’m getting is that in some but not all instances what look like plain dashes are being converted to double dashes. Would you know why that is happening?