--> MMD LaTex epxort - Paragraphs missing, pics, Tables


I have troubles exporting my scrivener document to Latex. On the first view everything looks fine. Then when checking the paragraphs a lot of sections are missing.

All the sections are marked for export but none is exported to the Tex file. Once I move the section to another place within scrivener, the export function works fine. If I move it back to the place it should be, it is not exported. I have updated MMD and scrivener.

Second issue is graphik and tables export. Does this work at all? If not, is there any work around? I do not get a single graphic or table exported.

Thanks a lot


For tables and graphics, you have to use MMD code - RTF tables and images are not exported, because of the funamental differences, and the fact that the code Apple uses to create tables is mostly private so there is no way to convert it to MMD. For images, use a Scrivener link to an image and surround it with the relevant MMD image code.

As for your missing paragraphs, it might be an idea to send me the problem project (to support@literatureandlatte.com) and give me step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

Thanks and all the best,

And if you want to send a copy to me, I can look at it from the MMD perspective if it’s not a scrivener issue.


Hey Keith and Fletcher,

thanks for the quick and competend help. Works fine now!


This was a slight bug in footnote detection code, which will be fixed for next release (coming soon).