MMD Latex export to several documents


I love the Latex - Export, but I am missing an option to export to several documents:
I want all my chapters to be in singular tex files each and joined together in a main tex file.

For exampel: My first chapter should be in chapterone.tex (including all sections and subsections) and my second chapter schould be in chaptertwo.tex. They should be joined together in my main latex file (main.tex) by \include{chapterone.tex} and \include{chaptertwo.tex}.

My chapters, sections etc. are equal to my headings in the binder.

Is there a method to do this?

I’m not aware of any out of the box way of doing this (although the question I really want to ask is ‘why?’).

The obvious work around would be to do separate compile runs for each chapter, selecting each chapter in turn. You would then build the main.tex file by hand - hardly a big job. However, you would want to ensure that there was only metadata at the start of the first chapter (or possibly in your main.tex file).

I’d second the why. This is a perfectly useful way of working when one doesn’t have a tool like Scrivener at their disposal—but since we do have Scrivener, and the ability to easily work in documents by their components rather than their file size constraints, I don’t see any reason to push this into the post-production realm.

But, all I’m doing with a compiled .tex file (after a few search and replaces to clean things up) is pounding on Cmd-T in TexShop, so I don’t really care what it looks like at that point.

MMD doesn’t have any file splitting capacity though. I wish it did—it would make creating an e-book out of Scrivener via MMD a much easier proposition.