MMD/Latex: hashtag and footnote issues

Hi! I’ve been integrating Latex more into my scrivener workflow and have come across a couple of problems in the last few months.

  1. When I am in the formatting pane of the compiler and uncheck “Title” for a set of documents, the hashtags that MMD uses to denote sectioning remain. This is converted on compile into literal hashtags were the title would have gone, if I had wanted a title at all.

  2. When compiling footnotes using Scrivener’s internal footnote methods (both inline and in the inspector), the first footnote always seems to break leaving a blank footnote. The real footnote is somehow converted into MMD syntax in the compiled version, and appears at the end of the document. The rest of the footnotes are converted just fine. When I deleted that footnote, thinking it was the particular footnote that was the problem, it happened with the next footnote. When I do this in different projects, the result is the same. Is this a sign that I am not meant to be using Scrivener-based methods of footnoting and should use MMD (or Latex) instead? The rest of my footnotes are all fine so it doesn’t seem like that should be the case.

(Windows 7, version 1.6.1)

Thanks again for a lovely product! I’m slowly converting all my friends. :smiley:

Glad to hear the software has been working well for you. Thanks for the recommendations you’ve been making to your friends! :slight_smile:

  1. It sounds like you might have something typed into the prefix or suffix field for that row. It could be you used a work-around floating around on the forums where you put a carriage return into the suffix field and disable the “Place suffix inside hashes” option. This will trigger hash generation when it otherwise won’t happen (this is a known issue that will be fixed in the next update).
  2. I’ve spot the problem that can cause this situation to arise. A useful trick to learn is to compile to plain MMD and analyse that in a text editor for any syntax problems. When I did this, I learned that the first footnote is not safety-padded with the line above it. It looks like they’ve coded it to generate the footnote ID line with an empty space after, but if nothing is generating an empty line before, then it runs up adjacent to the last paragraph of the output, causing it to no longer be recognised as a discrete element, but rather part of the last paragraph of the work. Thus, the fix is to just make sure you have some empty space at the end of your document in the last item in the binder. Just hit return a few times after the last paragraph.
  1. Yes, I remember figuring that out in the beginning when I couldn’t get hashes to work. Sure enough, I do have a space of some kind in the suffix field, but crucially I can’t remove it by clicking into the field and pressing Backspace, which was what I initially tried; I have to use Ctrl+A in order to find it, and then delete. Thanks!

  2. …Wow. I can’t believe that’s all it took. Yay!