MMD & LaTeX: The Memoir Class

The default book format that Scrivener exports to when using MultiMarkdown is the Memoir class. This is a book format, which has all of the features of the standard book class, plus some extra conventions that are of use outside of the academic realm.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to link to the documentation on this class. Much of this information is completely unnecessary for usage with Scrivener+MMD, and indeed if you intend to never look at LaTeX at all, you will never need to read this. But if you have a special typesetting need that falls outside of the basics, you might find it useful as a reference.

The Memoir Class

Additionally, you can supposedly use the memoir class to format article-like and report-like documents. I haven’t done this.

The Scrivener b3 app uses the latest “cutting edge” version of MMD including some features that are not yet documented… Stay tuned for more info… :wink:

Is there any way in Scr’s MMD-to-LaTeX chain to specify a class other than the default, like ‘Article’?
More generally, how much conrol does the user have over the preamble that Scr exports to LaTeX?

(Pardon me if this is a dumb question. I’m eagerly awaiting Fletcher’s tutorial doc…)


Not a dumb question at all. This feature is brand new to MMD, and is undocumented.

Go to File/Multimarkdown settings… you can enter MMD metadata here. There is a metadata key/value that you can enter to specify alternate XSLTs. It is best to use a dedicated XSLT, because this does more than just alter the preamble, it also effects the way XHTML is converted, so that everything becomes the most appropriate type of data depending on the class.

So add a key: “XSLT File”, and in this case, enter ‘article.xslt’ as its value. The complete list of which XSLTs are available will be documented, I am sure, but for now you can peek in the Scrivener bundle to see what is there. Most of the common LaTeX classes are represented.

About the MMD metadata - does there exist a list of the recognized keys anywhere? Even better would be a list of recognized keys with explanation of what the possible values do… :slight_smile:

I want to have scrivener/MMD -> LaTeX -> PDF output that’s suitable for Lulu’s 6x9 paperback book format, so I have to change a few things around, including paper size… also changing the chapter name style would be interesting, such as the styles shown here: … Styles.pdf

See here. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the Lulu thing, ask Fletcher, I think he is in the final tweak stage of a 6x9 layout created just for Lulu. There are some nice looking styles in there, thanks for posting that.

I could not find it in any of the documentation, but you can specify custom Chapterstyle and Pagestyle with meta-data, too.

Don’t spend too much time on this yet - I have already done it and was quite pleased with the results. You can learn from my prototype (I want to change the margins a hair after seeing the final product.) I did the 6x9 harcover book, so you might need to adjust a few things depending on your binding choice.

I’ll try and get around to tweaking the changes and releasing the result soon. But yes, all you need is a “XSLT File: 6x9.xslt” or whatever, and the LaTeX will be properly formatted.

Overall, I was pleased with Lulu BTW…

Right on! That’s even better :slight_smile: