MMD loses the first endnote

It appears that the MMD export is missing a carriage return between the final piece of text in the document and the first endnote. The result is that, in the FODT document, the text of the first endnote appears in the body of the final paragraph, at the end of the paragraph. The number for this footnote still appears in the document, but the note itself is blank. Adding a carriage return to the end of the Scrivener document seems to solve the problem.

Are you using some sort of custom workflow? MMD itself doesn’t export endnotes to FODT, just footnotes (though you can of course switch them over to endnotes in LibreOffice after compilation), so I’m wondering if you’re doing something I’m not considering. Also what features are you using in Scrivener, inline footnotes, linked footnotes or manually typed in MMD syntax? What does the MMD file itself look like when you compile it that way and open it in a text editor?