MMD -> PDF with BibTeX compilation posssible?


the new possibility to export directly MMD to PDF is really amazing. Thank you for that. In this context I have a question. Can you also tell the compiler that it should run BibTeX? That would be great because then I could export directly to PDF with citations.

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Sorry, I’m not answering your question. But how do you go straight from MMD to PDF? I’m not seeing the option. (Yes, I have v 2.3)

Thanks for your answer. The direct PDF export is a new feature of 2.3 release which required a working TeX distribution. Have you installed a TeX distribution like MacTeX? Otherwise the option won’t appear.

Aha, makes sense. No, I don’t have a TEX distribution.

Good. One ‘solution’ is done :wink:

This is from Ioa’s announcement of MMD 3 compatibility:


Hi MrGruff,

thank you for this information. However, very sorry to hear it. I hope that the option will be implemented in future.

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Hi Fabian,

if you compile the *.bib file in another Latex Editor and copy the created files to /Users/XXX/Library/texmf/ the references are working.

The *.bbl and *.blg file must have the same name as the *.pdf you created.

I find this workaround easier for me than compile the MMD->Latex and than the pdf.

regards, Chris
p.s: Scrivener 2.3.5 beta on mac.