MMD -> RTF broken at 2.0.5 (?)

I’m putting an uncertain question mark in the title there, because I’m very new to both MMD and Scrivener. But I think I’m doing it rightly based on what I’ve read.

Here’s a snippet of markdown that doesn’t seem to compile correctly to RTF:

This is my first paragraph.  It is not too long, but hopefully long enough to make something more interesting than not.  Just an example, showing some markdown.

* Item 1 of a list
* Item 2 of a list
* Item 3 of a list
* Item 4 of a list

So this is another paragraph.  It should probably say something about the list or maybe refer back to items in the first paragraph.

If I do MMD -> HTML, it comes out as expected. But in MMD -> RTF the list is all strung together with the second paragraph, so that the document appears to have only 2 paragraphs and no list.

This seems to be a pretty basic test, so I’m tempted to conclude that this functionality is broken at 2.0.5. Have I set things up in a way to make this so it doesn’t work? Is this a known issue?

I do believe this is a known issue with the newer RTF generator, which doesn’t handle lists, but I might be misremembering. This post, while aimed at fixing a problem with Unicode characters, describes the method you need to revert to the older RTF generator.

By the way, soon we’ll have Scrivener upgraded to work with MMD3, which while it doesn’t feature an RTF generator any more, will feature an ODT generator, which should be superior to the RTF workflow for getting MMD documents into a word processor form.

Thanks for that. And I appreciate the heads-up about a newer way to get to a word processor. The whole reason I need RTF at this point is to send something for others who only work in MS Word.