MMD>RTF footnote formatting problem

I use Scrivener v2.3.1 with MMD so that I can output usable LaTeX, HTML, and RTF from the same file. I’ve just noticed a problem with RTF compiling, though.

If I use the normal Scrivener RTF compile option, footnotes are correctly formatted so that if I open the RTF file with Word they are formatted as footnotes (I can click the footnote link to go to the footnote; the footnote appears at the foot of the page; etc.). But if I use the MMD>RTF compile function, the footnotes in the resulting RTF file are formatted as HTML links and the footnotes are placed at the end of the document. There are two problems with this: (1) the links don’t actually work (they can’t be clicked to navigate to the note) and (2) I don’t want them: I want proper footnotes!

I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed any settings in the MMD>RTF compile options that would cause this behaviour, and I’m sure that it’s only today that I’ve noticed this happening, and that previously it has properly formatted footnotes. Is there anything I can experiment with to get the MMD>RTF compile to produce proper footnotes that are recognized as such by Word, just like the ones produced by the “Rich Text (.rtf - Word compatible)” compile option? Any help would be very gratefully received.

I wouldn’t rely upon the MMD->RTF format for anything serious. It’s mainly just a convenience feature as using the full word processor output (Flat ODT) is a little more troublesome. If you just want a quick proof output for reading on your own or something, RTF is more handy, but it’s not intended for production output. You should be using .fodt if you need to integrate with a word processor. .fodt files can be opened in LibreOffice or Nisus Writer Pro, and from there you can get it out to a more standard format like DOCX or RTF. This workflow is actually superior to the standard Scrivener RTF in a number of ways (and inferior in a few as well). It will use true cross-references with bookmarks for figures, tables and section links, and it will also be wired up with stylesheets so that it can be more flexibly styled down the road.

It could be you have been using MMD2 up until the latest update. The last few versions of MMD2 (which at this point in time are over a year old) contains an experimental RTF exporter that used the same engine that the LaTeX output does. It was capable of exporting proper footnotes and stylesheets, but had some other limitations and was not very good at handling multibyte languages. So that method was dropped in favour of the more complete ODT support and RTF was relegated back to the older textutil method, which just takes an HTML file and converts its appearance to RTF—hence no footnotes, as there are no such thing in HTML to begin with.

Thanks for this wonderfully helpful, detailed, and useful response. I couldn’t have hoped for better! Switching to Flat ODT seems to work perfectly, so I’ll do that. Thanks again.