MMD > Scrivener > Word/RTF workflow

Scrivener is the perfect software for large fiction projects, especially once the plot gets to that point where your more wrangling than writing. I also love writing rough drafts in MMD, because of the simple distraction-free writing wrapped up in a very portable, cross-platform txt file that then easily ports over to Scrivener with structure already in place. The one hitch to my workflow comes in the compiling stage, and I’m hoping one of the many MMD/Scrivener experts might advise…

My editor wants things in .doc format. I want a workflow with as little tweaking as possible. I tried compile the MMD --> to RTF, but it loses the page breaks. I tried a straight compile to Word and it retains the page breaks but of course doesn’t convert the MMD syntax.

I know I can just open the RTF and manually insert page breaks for each chapter, but I’d like to avoid that if possible. Breaking 20+ chapters every time I need to compile a revision for submission is tedious. Any advice?


I fairly ‘simple’ way of doing this (I know, it’s not ideal):
In your Scrivener document, where you want the pagebreaks add a file, call it ‘Page break’ or something. In that file, put nothing but a string to identify later. I’d suggest: or something similar.

Whenever you export you can select these files too (or not, when you don’t need them). Export to .rtf.
Open in Word and change the view to ‘Draft’ (if you’re not in that already, mine seems to start in ‘Print Layout’ by default).

Add a pagebreak at the right point and then copy it by selecting it. Go to Edit -> Replace… and type “” (or whatever you used) in the first box and do a past in the second (you’ll most likely just see a space). Replace all and you should have your pagebreaks in the right positions.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it really is barely more than a copy-paste in the right spot. You may even be able to automate this with a macro or something.

Good luck!


Hmmm. You’re right, it’s not ideal. But it is a huge improvement over scrolling through 300-400 pages looking for chapter titles. Thanks!