MMD Support for ConTeXt

Maybe this is way out there, but as someone who’s just recently stumbled across LaTeX and MMD integration with Scrivener, I was wondering if there would be any possibility for MMD to support the ConTeXt macro package. Although I’m only a humble beginner, from what I can see, ConTeXt is a highly adaptable system that really simplifies the complexities of TeX for even someone who’s not familiar with code-based layout (such as myself). If you haven’t heard about it before, you can find out more here and here. It’s particularly effective for quickly typesetting novels/manuscripts in a very short amount of time. Better yet, unlike LaTeX, which can prove a nightmare for novices who want to tweak an existing layout, ConTeXt allows users to adjust settings with greater ease as they go along. Even as a novice, I was able to get a decent looking sample just from a few lines of code.

I’d really like to see a command similar to “convert bold and italic to MMD syntax” to be implemented for use with the ConTeXt syntax (which has its similarities to LaTeX, but is more streamlined for the most part). Is this already possible with XSLT files, or is that something else altogether? The only problem is that I have no XSLT programming knowledge, so I’m afraid it wouldn’t help my particular case, even if there were a way. Anyway, if this isn’t at all feasible, would someone be so kind as to give me an idea of how I could go about doing this without having to manually mark every instance of bold/italics by hand? Or maybe that’s just a misplaced question that would better be asked elsewhere, but I’ll appreciate any help I can get. :slight_smile:

Other than this, I really have no complaints at all with Scrivener (if one would even consider this a complaint…). Its feature set really has covered everything I could have thought of, and if I hadn’t started using ConTeXt, I don’t think I would have found anything remotely lacking. Scrivener really has redefined my writing experience, and all I can say is that it’s truly a God-send. Many thanks and kudos to Keith for all the great work!

This request should really be posted to the MultiMarkdown user group. Scrivener includes the MMD package in its installation bundle, but is not responsible for the output generated by those scripts. Fletcher, the designer of MMD, does frequent these boards, but you will probably get a quicker response on the other forum.

I happened to check the boards today, hence the quick response.

ConTeXt support is possible by altering the XSLT files. You may or may not find someone able/willing to help you by posting to the MMD discussion list, as AmberV suggested, but it’s certainly worth a short.

I don’t use ConTeXt myself, so it’s not worth it for me to get into this, but someone else out there might have an interest.

Also, since the basic structure is in place, it would be relatively simple to alter the XSLT yourself to create your own ConTeXt stylesheet built on the LaTeX stylesheets already available - or at least get one started. You would likely have more success in finding people to help you troubleshoot and bug-fix than in writing it for you from scratch, and you really wouldn’t have to learn XSLT programming to do it (though you might find it interesting enough to pick up a thing or two.)

(Just my two cents…)


Thanks for the suggestions. I had a feeling modding the XSLT files would be on the right track, so I suppose I’ll look into that. Anyway there’s no hurt in trying… I just may learn a helpful thing or two. Thanks again!