MMD, Synopsis as Quote, Section Break

Sometimes I think I’d like to use the Synopsis as a little leading quote, like a subtitle, for each section.

I’m compiling MMD. I’d like to have a layout that, ideally, shows the synopsis as a markdown quotation, that is, prefixed by a greater-than (>). Failing that, I’d like to have it in italic, i.e. formatted like this.

Obvs I could accomplish this by typing > or ** in the synopses themselves. Is there some way to set up a format that includes synopsis, formats it with > or enclosing stars, and includes a section break for all types?

More specifically, if there is a way, please walk me through it or point me at it. Thanks!

In other news, searching the manual is HARD. :slight_smile:

One option would be to use the <$synopsis> placeholder in e.g. the title suffix or the document prefix for the layout.

That is yet another option, yes. I’d have to edit each section to include that but after that I’d have the luxury of just editing the index cards to adjust the little quotes.

Am I to take it that there’s not enough formatting flexibility to do this with formats in the layout?


I was suggesting that you would use this in a layout. Another option is to set up a style in Compile for the synopsis and then use the Compile style options to add “>” as a prefix to the style you use for the Synopsis. That’s the best route if you want to use the synopsis tick box for this.

Ah. So many options.

I think this is the second thing you recommended. I picked a style with synopsis (after having found where to turn off the Synopsis stuff, and then set that style prefix to >. That does the thing, more or less by good fortune that Synopsis comes first.

I think I understand the first idea, it’s similar in effect, I see.

It’s like having the ability to customize every bolt on my car. Or every other one … :smiley:

Thanks! (I still think it’s a bad idea to do this but I do like knowing how. Maybe I’ll just store a couple of styles as mnemonics.