MMD Syntax <!-- --> not working in Scrivener 3


I am trying to insert some raw LaTex code within my MMD document in Scrivener 3. However when I use something like tag, everything within that tag is disappeared in the compiled LaTex document. By the way, I have unchecked the “Smart Dashes and Ellipses”.

It will work when I check “Use XSLT post-processing”, however I would lose my LaTeX Options and all headers and footers.


Sounds like you’ve upgraded MMD to version 6 on your disk. The syntax for including raw LaTeX was changed.


But when I do ‘\LaTeX’{=latex} I got the following error message:

Unknown token type: 121

  • (121) 336:8 ‘{=latex}’
    • (204) 336:2 ‘{=’
    • (216) 338:5 ‘latex’
    • (206) 343:1 ‘}’

I already took off smart quotes. What am I missing?

Ah~~ I understand, It is [/b]\LaTeX[b]{=latex} not '\LaTeX{=latex}

The syntax is to use a code span followed by a syntax marker. Code spans use the “grave accent” (or backtick) character, or the left-quote character in LaTeX: ` not the prime symbol: ’

Although typographic punctuation won’t impact the backtick, it’s probably a good idea to leave that off for LaTeX anyway.

Ah, you got it. :slight_smile: Well consider the expanded explanation for anyone future people searching and finding this thread.