MMD to ODT into Nisus Writer Pro

I use Scrivener for doing my initial writing in Multimarkdown. Then I export in the ODT format. And finally I import into Nisus. All of this worked fine before. (Compile Markdown to FLAT XML)

I haven’t had the need to export to ODT for a few weeks, but just did so (about 10 days after getting Mountain Lion). Now I can’t import ODT files. I just get a message in Nisus saying there were “problems” opening the file. Nisus can import ODTs 2 different ways: quick and complete. I can open via the “quick” approach but then I just get an XML code file: not helpful at all. So something has changed in the workflow.

I’m guessing the biggest change had to do with Mountain Lion. Does anyone know if Nisus can still successfully import ODT files for them? In preferences I have it set to LibreOffice, or the “more complete” importing. Or has something somehow been impacted in Scrivener because of Mountain Lion?

I don’t know if this is a Scrivener issue, a Nisus issue, or “my” issue (perhaps I mistakenly changed some critical setting). Many thanks,


I just ran a quick test on 10.8 by compiling some sample text (a few thousand words) with some headings to .fodt, then opened that file straight in NWP and it worked fine. I think that’s a new addition to the software because before you had to change the extension to .odt before it would open. I’m not however seeing the choice you describe. It just converts and opens the file for me without any request for how it should be done.

The problem might be something in the content. Have you recently added any formatting to the project? I just did a very simple text with normal text and headings. I didn’t try tables, pictures, lists, footnotes, bookmark references, etc.


Thanks so much. First, I had no idea that NIsus could now read FODT files (instead of changing to ODT). Very nice.

Your tests helped me out tremendously. I did some further testing today and found portions/chapters of my work could be exported fine, others not. Fortunately I found a short exported section that did not work.

It seems the culprit is if a URL is in the document using this multimarkdown format: Scrivener website

If I put in a raw URL then all is fine.

Nisus has no problem with in-page cross-references such as: [References][references] that link to another portion of the page.

As far as I know the inclusion of multimarkdown URL indicators is not new, I’ve been using them a fair amount.

I don’t know how to work around this long term, but I’m guessing this can get fixed by Nisus. I’ll let them know at their forums/email.

Many thanks again. I honestly would not have continued with detective work on this if I hadn’t heard from you that you could get it working.