Hey all! Have a quick question. When I compile a MMD project to PDF, page 2 has this annoying “Formatted for LATEX by MultiMarkdown” label on it. Is there any way to remove that? I’ve been through all the compiling options several times but can’t find anything. Google hasn’t been any help either.


This is a result of using the standard MMD latex support files as they are installed with Scrivener. You need to modify one of the support files to remove the boiler plate text.

The safest way to do this is to install a set of the latex support files to your library and modify them there. Scrivener will use support files in the library instead of the default which installs with it. If you are going to do any more customising with mmd > latex > pdf then you will need to do this anyway.

You can download the files from here: … ex-support

To modify the file:

  1. In finder go to Library > texmf > tex > latex > mmd
  2. Find a file mmd-memoir-begin-doc.tex and open it with TexShop (again I’m presuming you have TexShop as your latex installation).
  3. Comment out the the line \input{mmd-memoir-copyright} by adding a % to the start of the line.
  4. Save and close the file and compiling again.

There’s a basic introduction to the mmd latex support files in my beginners’ guide in the MMD forum.

That did it, thanks! I’ll have to go hunt down your beginner’s guide!