MMD to RTF, more formatting issues

I’m trying to go from MMD to RTF, and I’m running into a couple of formatting problems when I open the resulting RTF in Word 2004.

First of all, bulleted and numbered lists are coming out wrong. Some of the numbered lists are coming out numbered with all 0’s. Others, plus the bulleted lists, emerge with tiny bullets, and the margins are weird. Both can be fixed by highlighting the appropriate area and clicking the bulleted or numbered list toolbar button a couple of times, but obviously this is not optimal.

Next, single line breaks (two spaces + enter) are coming out as two spaces and no line break. I had a friend open a file on Windows and he said there was a weird unprintable character in there, too. I don’t see that on the Mac.

The most annoying part is that neither of these problems happen if I open the RTF in TextEdit. If I were just printing, that would be fine. Unfortunately, I have to send out the file to someone who is presumably opening it in Word. Any idea what’s going on?


Hopefully AmberV or Fletcher can help you. All of these problems have nothing to do with Scrivener, so I can’t help, I’m afraid.

Aye, this is something most likely beyond Scrivener’s reach–and maybe even MMD. It might be a fault in the way textutil is generating the RTF file. MMD does not actually do anything after creating the XHTML file. It just feeds that to the external textutil program.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure I recall Fletcher mentioning that he has tested importing to Word successfuly. So it might be something in your configuration that can be tweaked. I would recommend contacting him directly, or posting a message to the MMD group.

I do not have a copy of Word, so it would be difficult for me to help you out. The only thing that I could think of to try would be to open the generated RTF in TextEdit, since you say that works. Then copy and paste everything into a new file, save that with TextEdit, and try opening that with Word.

Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with Scrivener. I think I already joined the MMD group, so let me poke over there and see what’s up.

One thing I didn’t try was copying and pasting from TextEdit to Word–I’ll try that next. Thanks!

It seems to be an issue with Apple’s RTF and Word. The RTF source looked ok, but was being handled incorrectly in Word.

I don’t have any brilliant ideas on a quick fix, and I’ve made my general dislike of the RTF format known previously… :slight_smile: